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Steering Committee 

The SHIGETECVAX project Steering Committee (SC) is composed by representatives of EVI and EVQ and is responsible for the scientific and technical coordination of the project.  

Among other things, the PSC is responsible for: 

  • Monitoring the progress against project objectives and budget 

  • Ensure alignment of activities between the work packages and program towards common goal of success in the project 

  • Ensuring effective communication external and between work packages with regards to project progress 

  • Recommend changes to action task, budget allocation, risk mitigation plans and potential changes in project direction for endorsement by the General Assembly 

  • Prepare project activity reports (including financial statements), risk management procedures, quality assurance plans, prior to submission to the European Commission 

  • Mediate conflicts which cannot be handled within the work packages 

  • Seek a consensus among the participants as far as it is reasonably practicable 

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