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SHIGETECVAX 4th Annual meeting

The SHIGETECVAX 4th annual meeting was successfully held on 06 February 2024 

Participants from Austria (Eveliqure), Bangladesh (icddr,b), Germany (European Vaccine Initiative, EVI), Sweden (University of Gothenburg, UGOT), and USA (PATH), gathered together in a virtual meeting to discuss the project achievements and confirm the strategy for the upcoming activities.

The consortium is strongly supported by the Members of the SHIGETECVAX Scientific and Ethics Advisory Committee towards its commitment to developing a new vaccine to protect against Shigella/ETEC infection.

One of the most important highlights covered during the meeting was the initiation in December 2023 of the age-descending clinical trial in Bangladesh that aims to test the vaccine in healthy adults (aged 18-45 years) and move subsequently into three different paediatric age groups (aged 2-5 years, 12-23 months, and 6-11 months, respectively). So far, all (n= 36) healthy adults were included and immunised. The next step would be to move forward with the screening of the children cohort.

Find more information about the the initiation of the phase Ib clinical trial by following this link.


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